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Bartlett HS Wall of Fame

Since Bartlett opened in 1997 the Booster Club in partnership with the Athletic Department have worked to recognize students and teams who have earned various awards or have won championships. 

This recognition was in the form of a photograph and a short caption which was displayed in the hallways of the school.  In order to keep this display current pictures had to be printed, captions written and framing had to be purchased an installed.  The process was not very efficient and lacked a cohesive appearance.

In February of 2015 the Booster Club began the process of finding a newer and better method of honoring these accomplishments.  There were two primary goals to this project, 1. it should be easier to maintain and keep current 2. we need to make it accessible from outside of the building for people not in the building to be able to view.  A solution was found and in the fall of 2015 the Booster Club purchased a solution from Touchpro's for a "virtual" Wall of Fame solution. 


The solution offers two options to view members.  A touch screen monitor will be installed in the hallway at the base of the main staircase which will allow you to search by name, sport and or team.  Each member has their own page which lists their achievement(s) that earned them a position in the BHS Wall of Fame.  Additionally, the same information can be seen via the Wall of Fame website.  Click on the link below.  This is a great addition and allows our students to share their accomplishment(s) with friends and family members who do not have the opportunity to visit the school in person.

Another great option with the site is the ability to include a Biography section for each student or team that is listed.  This section allows us to follow the post Bartlett achievements of our alumni. Information here can be sent to the site administrator for updates using the form below.  We strongly encourage everyone to update their information and not just athletic accomplishments.  Academic and social successes are important and should also be recognized.

How does a student or team get inducted into the Wall of Fame?  Here are the categories used for inclusion in the Wall of Fame.

Individuals: Earn one or more of the following: All Conference, All Area, All-State, All American (including Academic)

               Win an individual title: Conference, District, Regional, Sectional, Super Sectional or State

               Be recognized as a Bartlett Athlete of the Year or as the Male or Female Sportsmanship of the Year recipient.

               Set a school record

Teams: Win a title: Conference, District, Regional, Sectional, Super Sectional or State

            Set a school record

The site went live in March of 2016 and continues to be updated. 

View the Wall of Fame                                  Submit Biography Information

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